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Enrolment Enquiry

We would love to meet you and show you what our school has to offer. For the 2021 enrolment period we will be holding one-on-one Meet The Principal sessions. If you would like more information on our school, or to book one of these sessions, please pop your details in below.



Thankyou for taking the time to consider St Mary’s for your child. We understand what an important decision it is for you. 

St Mary’s Primary School, nurtures the growth of each child in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe in developing the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually by empowering the gifts within. Our learning environment provides children with opportunities to develop into happy, productive and successful members of society.

At St Mary’s, we have high expectations of the children that you, as parents and caregivers, entrust into our care. We are committed to ensuring that they are inspired and challenged not only to outstanding academic success, but in all areas. 

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how St Mary’s can meet the needs of your child and your family. Please contact the school on 02 6382 5844  to make a time to come and meet with me and see our school in action.

Andrew Casey


EOY Awards-19

“The best thing is the culture of the school. It’s very caring.” St Mary’s Parent

“Our kids are very happy. They always want to go to school.” St Mary’s Parent

“It is a safe, caring environment. The kids are always more than just a number or a student. They belong. Everyone knows everyone and that makes a safe place with everyone nurtured.” St Mary’s Parent

“I like the way the school has dealt with some social issues.. The whole group is called together, not just the ones involved, and then everyone knows what’s okay and what won’t be tolerated. That openness makes it easier for them to move past the issues.” St Mary’s Parent

“There are many lines of communication available and the teachers are always prompt in getting back to you.” St Mary’s Parent

“I’m not Catholic but I love that my child is learning good values; compassion, understanding and respect.” St Mary’s Parent

“My child is learning there is more in life than just himself. He learns where he fits in the world and learns respect and appreciation for other people.” St Mary’s Parent

“The principal is firm and approachable. You feel like the kids know exactly where they stand with him while also understanding he’s there for them.” St Mary’s Parent

“The communication is great; the school moves with the time.” St Mary’s Parent

“Our eldest child was well-equipped to transition to high school. St Mary’s had given her a lot of opportunities to try a range of different things; drama, public speaking, right through to sport and of course academically as well.” St Mary’s Parent

“My children have always felt safe which is the greatest thing.” St Mary’s Parent

“The discipline is clear and everyone knows what is expected.” St Mary’s Parent